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This is the website that you go to so that you can pay for your child's lunch online.


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Students in Sure Start and Grades Kindergarten through Six must eat lunch at school. Students may not leave the school grounds at lunchtime without parents to sign them out.

Parents may send a lunch each day or purchase lunch credits from AAFES. AAFES lunch accounts may be set up at the PX - Bismarck Kaserne, the Katterbach Shopette, or at the Barton Shopette. Go here for full information about prepayment plans.

Reduced price or free lunches can be applied for through the Katterbach Army Community Service (ACS). All parents receive an application upon registering a student.

Parents are always welcome to have lunch with their children. Just notify the office by 0900 if you would like a school lunch.

It is Rainbow School's policy that certain food and drink items do not belong at school.

The general policy is as follows:


No gum or candy,
No soda pop or Kool-Aid type drinks.

We encourage all parents to supply fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, and fruit juices for snacks and school lunch. Please save your gum, candy and soda for rewards at home. There may be times when a teacher may authorize the "prohibited items above" for a special classroom activity. A note from the teacher will be sent with your student when such requests are made.

Thank you for understanding.


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